How will I know when it is time for me to look into the services of a Health Care Center?

When the family can no longer handle the care and needs of the loved one or if 24/7 nursing care is identified.

How will I know which facility is best for my loved one?

You and your loved one should look at several facilities before making a selection. Make sure you ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable.

Is there an option to stay in the hospital versus a Health Care Center?

Hospitals are designed for patients who have medical issues that can be treated only in a hospital. Insurance companies could also stop insurance benefits when you no longer need hospital care. A nursing center can provide the continuing medical care and rehabilitation services you need while you recover from illness or injury so that you can return home as soon as possible.

What is your insurance policy? Do you take Medicaid?

We accept Medicare, Medicaid (AMERIGROUP, MOLINA, UHC), Private Pay, Aetna, America’s Choice Provider Network, US Family Health Plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Care Improvement Plus, Community Health Choice, Coventry Health Plans, Humana, Integrated Health Plan, Molina Health Plan, Memorial Herman, Multiplan Inc (PHSC), Prime Health Services, Stratose, National Preferred Provider Network/ Plan Care of America, Three Rivers Provider Network, Tricare/HUMANA, United Healthcare, UMWA HEALTH & RETIREMENT FUNDS, US FAMILY HEALTH PLAN, Village MD, Well Med, and Well Care.

Do you offer short term or long term care?

We offer both short and long term stays. A resident can come as a short term stay and then transition to long term care if needed.

Is Medication management an additional charge?

Medication management is a part of the initial charge for staying at the facility. Our staff will include medication management services in the care plan of your loved one upon discussion of needs.

Can I bring medications from home into the facility?

This is decided case by case and should be discussed with the admissions team prior to admissions. In most cases we will provide the necessary medication.

What is included in the daily charge for your skilled care facility?

At our facility, the daily cost includes meal service, housekeeping, amenity fees, laundry services, and cost of care.

What services and amenities are offered for residents?

  • Our services and amenities at this facility include:
      • Beauty and Barber services
      • Wifi internet access provided throughout the entire facility
      • Various activities occurring everyday
      • Shopping Trips available for supplies
      • Outings to various restaurants and locations near the facility
      • Cable Ready Rooms
      • Furnished Rooms
      • Providing all medical equipment in the cost of stay.

May I share a meal with a loved one at a facility?

We encourage you to spend as much time with your loved one as possible– please contact the main office to hear about your options!

If my loved one is staying short term, what do we need to bring?

If a loved one is only staying short term we recommend bringing comfortable clothing  and a few personal belongings  to make their stay as welcoming as possible. We provide all of the furniture, equipment, and toiletries so there is no need to haul everything from home! Let us take care of that for you so you and your family can be focused on the recovery process.

Do you have private rooms?

Yes! Our short term rehabilitation rooms are private.

Do you allow pets?

Pets are allowed to visit, but not stay overnight. They must be current on all vaccines, be housebroken, and well-behaved.

Do you have a designated smoking area?

Yes, we do have a designated smoking area for our residents, with a designated smoking schedule. All smoking products and materials must be kept in the possession of the facility during your stay and your physician must deem you safe to smoke.

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