Here at Lawrence Street, we offer many different activities, ranging from movie nights to off-sight outings.

    • Religious Studies & Worship – Bible study and church services including music and worship
    • Gardening – Digging in the dirt has many amazing benefits, gardening has been shown to improve relaxation and calmness
    • Board Games – Collection of board games available for everyone’s enjoyment to play in small groups
    • Exercise & Sports – Physically-active soft sports for exercise fun, safe and healthy movement, and improving range of motion
    • Karaoke Night – Fun for both staff and residents, group singing, and contests
    • Manicures & Pedicures – Professional salon manicures and pedicures with friends or individual relaxation
    • Music & Concerts – Musicians, bands, and artist performances from the outside community for resident entertainment
    • Arts & Crafts – Crafting has many cognitive and health benefits i.e. knitting, sewing, coloring, ceramics, jewelry, painting


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